About us

A Brief History of My Journey as a Make-Up Artist:


Growing up I never had any interest in make-up, honestly I laughed at girls that wore make-up. I never knew the difference between eyeliner and blush, just the thought of using a brush to apply it was unheard of. I was quite the “tom boy” growing up and special effects is what got me on this exciting path. Wanting to make people look like they’ve been blown up was how I found City Varsity, earning myself a qualification as an Art Director. After 3 years of studying I started working at M.A.C cosmetics and everything changed!


While working there for 4 years, I learnt to love “pretty make-up” and how it just brightened up a person’s day. I once had a client that had just been released from rehab where she was being treated for depression (she had tried to commit suicide a few times), and it just so happened that she came into our store straight from there. She sat down in front of me and I did her make-up as she told me about herself and what she’d been through. When I had finished, she looked at herself and burst into tears (at this point we were both in tears) telling me she had never felt more beautiful in her whole life and that she now had the confidence to walk out there and face her family and friends. That day, make-up changed for me too, I saw it in a completely different light. I saw it as a tool to brighten someone’s life or day. A way to show someone that they are Naturally Beautiful and that make-up enhances what is already there.


At M.A.C I worked on in store events and also M.A.C promoted events such as:

  • Positive Rocks 2007
  • Johannesburg Sanlam Fashion Week, both summer and winter 2006 – 2008
  • Nederburg Auction – 2007
  • Design Indaba 2006 – 2008
  • Various workshops and master classes
  • In store theme days
  • Gold Fever Event Johannesburg 2007


After M.A.C pursuing my freelancing career and work as a make-up trainer this is of what I’ve been up to:

  • Women of the year 2008
  • Global Forum Fashion Show 2010 with Kevin Epstein
  • Woolworths winter fashion show 2010 with Kevin Epstein
  • Kiddies Woolworths Christmas brochure 2010
  • Espresso Breakfast show 2010 and 2011
  • Personal make-up artist to various people
  • Various test shoots for Base models with Thania Petersen
  • Various Weddings and Matric Dances
  • Make-up workshops for staff at 15 On Orange 2010 – 2013
  • Assistant hair stylist Guess summer and winter shows with Carl Isaacs 2011 – 2012
  • Assistant hair stylist Cosmo summer and winter shows with Carl Isaacs 2011 – 2012
  • Assistant hair stylist Miss SA 2012 with Carl Isaacs
  • Assistant hair stylist for Kohl’s summer and winter catalogue with Carl Isaacs 2012
  • Make-up and hair for weddings with Le Look
  • Make–up for finals Top Billing presenter search with Head to Toe 2012
  • Make–up for a dignitary of the  state of nations address 2013
  • Make–up Cape Town Carnival 2013


These are just some of the many Highlights in my career thus far.


My passion is to enhance a woman’s natural beauty and to give them the confidence to achieve anything their heart desires. There is no greater joy than the smile of a bride who is about to walk down the aisle; the young lady that leaves for her matric farewell walking just a little taller or even that granny that has her first make over. My job is a real joy and every woman deserves a make-over once in a while.


The biggest compliment to me is when a woman tells me she looks beautiful, not that her make-up looks beautiful!



Natalie Collins